National Youths Democratic Assembly ( NYDA) : THE FUTURE OF THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS.

National Youths Democratic Assembly ( NYDA)
National Youths Democratic Assembly ( NYDA)
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Most Nigerian Youths always have this believe that that they are jinxed in corridors of power or leadership positions but the truth is that majority in spite of their academic qualifications do not know what it takes to be in leadership position. This and many more are the reasons why most youths miss it and misplaced their priorities. On this note, National Youths Democratic Assembly (NYDA), was created to help the Youths stand their feet in the corridors of power.

The future of Nigerian Youths is at stake because they have lost the confidence in themselves. Hence, they believe in the Nigeria of today and not what it becomes tomorrow.

Having imbibed in the non structural polices of the supposed Nigerian policies, our Youths no longer have focus that they can be in any leadership positions in their fathers land. To this effect, NYDA has come up to groom and unite all Nigerian Youths both home and in diaspora to reawaken the spirit of service in them.

NYDA is a strategic Platform set up for youths to identify, discuss and resolve the social cum political challenges facing the Nigerian Youths. Most of the present day youths have lost their rights to power and service and are handicap building their own future or that of the nation.

NYDA has however volunteered to to help youths rediscovered themselves, transforming their weaknesses to strengths. On this note, NYDA is out unite youths in supporting Government good policies, thereby equipping them for leadership positions and also inculcate in the youths, moral values and the spirit of leadership.

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Be as it may, NYDA is committed to ensuring the implementation of National Youths Policies by engaging the FG/ Ministry of Youths Development as well as other relevant agencies in this course.

By and large, NYDA is aimed at creating forums and grooming Nigerian Youths to achieving peak performance in leadership positions and the real reason youths must join NYDA are not far to seek.

The critical problem eating deep into Nigerian Youths is that of slumber. NYDA is set to wake up Youths on how to come into governance. We are set about building the technicality of administrative ideas and having the courage to tactically enter into the corridors of power.

After much deliberations and research, NYDA has map out strategies to take over where ever youths have once lost focus and this is because in-depth research have shown us what Government in the 22 century ought to be.

The fact that Youths are beginning to understand and have better ideas of what Government should be, NYDA is out to groom and push them into the corridors of power and this NYDA will achieve by setting landmarks and mobilizing youths of like minds into taking action by looking inward.

In conclusion, bowed heads among the youth will be lifted and blocked channels to governance will be reopened and only in NYDA can this be achieved. We are about one thousand youths from across the nation at the moment but we optimistic that spreading the news and inviting other youths to join in the course will soonest yield fruits.

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National Youths Democratic Assembly you may want to know, is the brain child of an esteemed Nigerian Youth, comrade Henry C Nwaiwu, who is so concerned about standardising the future of other Nigerian Youths into achieving peak performance in leadership positions.

Long live Nigerian Youths!
Long live NYDA!!
Long live NIGERIA!!!

By Bukola Pamilerinayo Omotola,
Publicity Secretary,

National Youths Democratic Assembly ( NYDA)
National Youths Democratic Assembly ( NYDA)
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