NewNigeria: Nigerian Youths in diaspora and home endorse the African Democratic Congress (ADC) as the party for the mission ‘Operation Youth Takeover Leadership’ in Nigeria

Nigerian Youths in diaspora and home endorse the African Democratic Congress (ADC) - 9News Nigeria
Nigerian Youths in diaspora and home endorse the African Democratic Congress (ADC) - 9News Nigeria

ADC DNA with the passion for inclusion, diversity principles, transparency and transformational leadership is the spirit of the moment to take Nigeria out of the present quagmire to global relevance and prosperity.

African Democratic Congress ADC has shown Readiness to put forward completely new leadership at all levels and give our youths preeminent positions to build a country that every citizen, young and old, and generations unborn will be proud of.

YouthTakeOver: Nigerian Youths Home and Diaspora Set To Ensure All Young Candidates, from the then 91 Political Parties Contesting under the platform of African Democratic Congress ADC Raise Future Leaders In Nigeria to Takeover Government 2021-2023 – Amb. Vincent Ubani

As Nigerian Youth prepares to take their destiny into their hands, Amb. Vincent Anthony Ubani, the head of Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF SAFE LIFE, Abuja had delivered a Goodwill speech at the One Adopted Youth Takeover Leadership One Party System World Press Conference and Certificate Presentation to the African Democratic Congress ADC National Stakeholders and leadership On Saturday, 17th. In Lagos State.

Nigerian Youths in diaspora and home endorse the African Democratic Congress (ADC) - Images
Nigerian Youths in diaspora and home endorse the African Democratic Congress (ADC)

Below contained his speech;

Distinguish honourable Youth leaders, Ladies Wing and Mother’s Wing, members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen.

My fellow Lagosians, I Bring you warm greetings from the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF SAFE LIFE, Abuja, an umbrella body powering every Nigeria young persons, youths and students Nationwide including Mother’s and Father’s Home and Diaspora, Political Parties’ Movements, Pressure Groups, Organizations/ NGOs in Nigeria.

I remain your humble servant Hon. Chief Ambassador Vincent Anthony Ubani Global Director-General of the Nigeria Youth Headquarters (NYCSRF SAFE LIFE), President Coalition of All Young Candidates that contested for 2019 General Election in Nigeria (CYCFGN) Not Too Young To Run Candidates Head and Initiator of the Nigeria Youths Home and Diaspora Electoral College Institution (NYHDECI) which is powered by Nigerians in Diaspora through the use of electronics system, ZOOM meeting to train our young candidates and future leaders in Nigeria, just as we have something like the University of Yale in the United States of America.

Thanks to Erelú Tunwase, Apostle Dr Ngozika, Amb. Damilola, Dr Saheed Lawal, Amb. Obinna Basil etc for all the wonderful jobs they did, to all Nigerians in Diaspora to ensure a brighter future and keep the hope alive for the poor masses back home.

In 2019 I led the team of all Young leaders in Nigeria to work for the re-election of His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari and as a governorship candidate of AAC, we all left our different Political Parties to join and resolve to adopt one person to ensure that the inclusion of youths in governance shall be a guarantee, but so bad that Mr President team didn’t fulfil this, after refusing to acknowledge and approved the 100 man list presented to Mr President and Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF.

I also want to remind all Nigerians Home and Diaspora that we faced calamity in the 16 years of PDP Government, this was the reason behind the force we put in place to remove the PDP, for APC to take over Leadership, but it was regrettable that the actions large population of Nigeria youths activist took ended up being hijacked by PDP, as the same group of Politicians moved fast into APC and hijacked the process, and bought up all slots in APC Government which is the reason behind the failure in APC President Buhari led-government.

One thing we are sure and noticed of in President Muhammadu Buhari words in 2019 was clear that Youths should wait until 2023 and it is on these words of Mr President that Nigerians Youths Home and Diaspora has been on a strategic joint synergy just to ensure that the formation of the New Nigeria Government of the young generation is totally constituted, ahead of the year 2022 when we gather together in Abuja to hold a National Youth Joint synergy National Convention and National Youth Summit from all Youths Organizations and Groups in Nigeria.

Sequel to different reports of the crisis affecting Nigerians in Diaspora raising from Nigerians youths in Ghana, South Africa, Turkey etc we Nigeria Youths had studied the reports from 2019 to date and have also engaged ourselves by contacting almost all these Countries Embassies and their Ambassadors in Nigeria which includes UK, US, Canada, China etc just to get them informed and involve them in the Nigeria Youth Dialogue, and their countries Youth Dialogue with initiatives of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to address the enumerated challenges ranging from poverty, hardship, unemployment and Underdevelopment affecting the younger generation today in the World.

I appreciate the South Africa High Commission for not looking down on our recommendation and also for showing their readiness towards ensuring that the relationship between Nigerians in their country and the youths of their Country is built on mutual understanding and living in peace same way to we Nigeria and their citizens.

As of 14th April 2021, the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF SAFE LIFE has constituted a 15- man Committee of top priority youths Organizations Leaders both NYCN, NANS, NYC NYAPC, NYHDECI CYCFGN etc just as the South Africa side has also constituted their own side of the committee as both sides prepare to hold their meeting within the end of this month as stated by the South Africa Deputy Ambassador, His Excellency, Bobby J Moroe.

We are planning to constitute a committee to encourage members from all other Organizations, since each of the Countries Embassies in Nigeria has a different committee to send Delegates to Dialogue with them and also visit their countries as Nigeria Youths Delegates to build a relationship between the younger generation and also have town hall meeting with our Citizens in the various countries across the globe to further discover the challenges they are facing, and how to find a lasting solution to those challenges.

The #Endsars and the implications of damages in Lagos State and other states can’t be overlooked, moreso the ethnicity and religious conflicts from Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria and Eastern Nigeria, kidnapping, killings, Boko Haram attacks and all form of atrocities and crimes have really set our country into ungovernable situations, this is why we have to take some fundamental steps, that both the Government and the people, and foreign companies benefiting from our soil, can come together to ensure that we will address the high rate and increase of hardship, poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment affecting Nigerian youth, is totally being addressed using the Nigerian youth corporate social responsibility initiative as solutions to reduce this uncontrollable situation we find ourselves today in Nigeria.

Permit me to say it is no longer a news that the youths are leaders of today and all the old politicians believe that it is time for the youth to takeover Leadership, but to do so they must come together to get involved in politics and it is on this note to fulfil the words of the old politicians that we have reached to a conclusion that we shall run the one-party system for young Candidates and Aspirants with parties just to ensure that we are in one accord and within this year 2021 February we carried out an online voting having the young political parties that are youth-friendly which includes AA, AAC, ADC RMP and YPP, after the online voting that ended last month the African Democratic Congress ADC won the voting with 40% of the population of voters followed by YPP that came second as declared on the 27th of March, 2021 by the Chairman Lagos State Electoral College Panel Committee, Comrade Amb. Hamza Abdulsalam at the Inauguration of Mother’s Wing and Ladies Wing in Lagos State.

Today Saturday 17th of April, 2021 we are officially gathering here to hold this World Press Conference to announce Officially to Nigerians citizens Home and Diaspora, more importantly, our youths and students Nationwide, young Leaders as Candidates or Aspirants we have resolved that all are now to identify by contacting WhatsApp 09052065039 or email to get yourself and structures identify under African Democratic Congress ADC and also linked up with ADC Stakeholders in your states LGAs and LCDAs with Ward’s in Lagos State and Nigeria at large.

Lastly with the power invested on me, I hereby present to the African Democratic Congress ADC National Chairman and Leadership Stakeholders the Certificate of Return as the winner of the 2021 Youth Takeover Leadership Electoral College Panel Committee online voting powered by the Coalition of Young Candidates of the Federal Republic of Nigeria CYCFGN under the Umbrella Body of the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF SAFE website where all Nigeria youths leaders from all top youths Organizations and groups has come together to adopt African Democratic Congress ADC as the one-party system for every youth and young candidates to fly the ADC tickets starting from the Lagos State LGAs Chairmanship seat and LCDAs with Ward’s counselorship election in Lagos State, Anambra State, Ekiti State Governorship election etc until the National Youth Young Parties Joint Senergy National Convention come 2022 in Abuja Nigeria.

The Certificate of Return shall be valid from now to the 2022 Ekiti State Governorship election which after this Election we shall be calling for a National Youth Summit and All Young Parties and Candidates National Convention in Abuja Nigeria before the 2023 Presidential election during the General Election in 2023.

Nigerians in the Home and Diaspora must understand the unity of Nigeria as a nation and that is very wise for we the young generation to disassociate ourselves from any group, individuals or organizations whose goals is to distabilize our country and set us back towards divisions. I will want us to have this caption by saying that Nigeria is for us all, United we Stand as a Nation and Divided we Fall as a Nation.

May Almighty God/Allah continue to be with us all both home and in Diaspora Amen.

Long Live Nigeria Youths Home and Diaspora!
Long Live Our New Adopted One Party System of African Democratic Congress ADC- Arise and Shine !
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Hon. Chief Ambassador, Vincent Anthony Ubani Global Director-General of the Nigeria Youth Headquarters NYCSRF SAFE LIFE President Coalition of Young Candidates that contested for 2019 General Election Head Nigerian Youths Home and Diaspora Electoral College Panel Committee and Initiator Nigerian Youths Home and Diaspora Electoral College Institution NYHDECI.
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Nigerian Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund
Nigerian Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund

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