Okorocha vs Uzodinma: Who is the chief security of the state? A senator or A governor?

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Senator Rochas Okorocha and Governor Hope Uzodinma
Senator Rochas Okorocha and Governor Hope Uzodinma
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Cardinal Edede ask?

By Princely Onyenwe, Imo

Read below:

My brother, please what makes it a bad precedence please according to u having read ur write up?

Could anyone have dared it when Rochas was Governor? Was there anytime HOPE UZODINMA as a Senator with heavy contacts and capacity violently confronted ROCHAS while he unleashed mayhem on IMO People as Governor?

So Rochas Okorocha is now above the law because he’s a serving Senator right of ur own Federal Republic right? How do u juxtapose Rochas’ unsealing of a property that was legitimately sealed by a whole sitting Governor?

Action, taking be a Constructionally empowered CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER of our State? Do u know that the Governor may be privy to certain intelligence or Security information on the property or elsewhere u and I wouldn’t know and should not be made to know? Wouldn’t it have been “the worst precedence” if the Governor had pretended, looked the other way while Rochas demeaned him as sitting Governor?

It wouldn’t have been “bad precedence” if Rochas had succeeded in being the second or first Governor of IMO while Governor Hope Uzodinma is still sitting as Governor right?

What did Rochas do to Jasper Ndubuaku for daring to recover stolen IMO property during Ihedioha?

Please, let me ask this pertinent question!!! Does Rochas Okorocha have a monopoly of violence?

Please I beg of our leaders to endeavour to be dispassionately unbiased on issues of both State and National concerns, irrespective of whose Ox is gored…

We are all Imolites and there’s no one Imolite greater than the other(s) ok Evidently, Rochas had his filled day as Governor, brutalized, maimed, disrespect, destroyed and looted IMO dry, converted our age-long IMO monumental assets to his private property without minding how we felt or still feel.

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My readers, REMEMBER… There’s GODoooo. HABA my brother!!!

Let’s thank GOVERNOR Uzodinma for his courage, audacity and political will to redeem IMO and imolites. We should be praying for GODs continued strength, protection and wisdom on the proactive people-oriented Governor Hope Uzodinma.

Let Rochas face the music and I can assure u, a greater percentage of Imolites are in full SOLIDARITY and support of Governor Hope Uzodinma at recovering every PIN or KOBO stolen by Rochas and Ihedioha.

We cannot forget in a hurry …that “What goes around, comes around” Karma is indeed at work.

Cardinal Comrade EDEDE Franklyn is the Grand Commander Order of Nigeria/Africa Youth.

To GOD ALMIGHTY be the glory. Imo must be recovered.


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