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By Princely Onyenwe,Imo


Ndigbo are enterprising and respect the rule of law.

They believe in the truth, hardwork and human dignity. Their traditional village and community governance systems are anchored on inclusivity and collective participation in decision taking on all matters.

It is therefore, worrisome and unacceptable to observe the schemings making the rounds in Ohanaeze circles of a Unity list of nominations by the South East Governors.

What started as a rumour is gaining grounds by the day.

The presumed plan is to make the fees for nominations unaffordable to the average Onye Igbo to pave the way for the Governors to pay for the forms and return only their preferred persons as unopposed at the local government elections and repeat the same process at the State elections.

Thereafter, it becomes easy to direct the newly elected officers/ delegates to vote only for their preferred candidates.

This is a case of turning democracy upside down and ridicule an ethnic nationality known for decency and fairness.

We are not in the primitive age and must resist the planned take over of Ohanaeze to make it inconsequential.

We will publish the Unity list in our next publication. We urge Ndigbo through the voting delegates not to feel intimidated but rise above the short sightedness of a few people who have knowingly or unknowingly stunted our growth in Nigeria as Ndigbo.

For too long, we have been distracted and misdirected to focus more on the Nigerian situation and ignore the happenings in Alaigbo.

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Yet, we have a popular saying that charity starts at home… a na manma si te na ulo puta ezi..

At some stage in the review of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we had 2 Ndigbo, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President and Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Deputy Speaker, presiding as Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Constitution review Committee.

The two worked along with other Nigerians to make recommendations that led to the amendment of the constitution for the purpose of good governance of Nigeria.

Back home in Alaigbo, we now have Governors, who have neither taken interest in the growth and proper functioning nor funding of Ohanaeze, now think it is their parastatal and their current pre-occupation is to foist all EXCO members at all levels on Ndigbo.

Is this the best way to thank the members who have upheld Ohanaeze, even though there were promises by way of financial support that were not redeemed.

How do we explain the invitation of every Onye-Igbo to pay and collect forms for elections at the local government level to the exclusion of the Town Unions, which are the primary units of Ohanaeze.

And there is now some urgency requiring elections at the three key levels of LGAs, States and National, to be concluded in a space of five days.

Why is there secrecy attached to the public presentation of the Imeobi and Council of Elders lists as outlined in the Ohanaeze constitution.

When will the Ohanaeze delegates be known and fora created for interaction with the contestants.


Elections in all the States in the federation in 5 days without the basic information and requirements is a recipe for confusion and destruction of Ohanaeze.

Where is the list of the General Assembly members, the constitutional body charged with the responsibility of voting for Executive Officers.

This is absurd. Something is amiss. The God of Ndigbo is alive and will respond appropriately.

He will deal with those trying to cause confusion amongst the Igbo. Ndigbo are wide awake and geared up to repel forces of oppression.

Lessons must be learnt from a similar situation that arose in 2003 when Dr Sam Egwu was The Executive Governor of Ebonyi State.

Two divisions led by Hon. Justice Eze Ozobu, President-General and Prof Nwabueze, Secretary-General emerged just before the 2003 elections.

The timely intervention of Dr Sam Egwu prevented two elections and 2 Ohanaeze factions from coming on stream.

Dr Sam Egwu as the Chief Security Officer of Ebonyi State, ordered every Ohanaeze person out of his State and directed the Security personnel to arrest anyone or persons that come into Ebonyi to organize elections in the name of Ohanaeze.

He personally travelled to Owerri, Imo State, where the President-General had travelled for the purpose of conducting the national elections.

That singular act, prevented Ohanaeze from breaking into two. Are there any lessons for today’s Governors.

Ndigbo, this is our future. Let’s all get involved and grab it with our 2 hands.

All hands must be on deck. Igwe bu Ike.

Signed: Mazi Chris Benson Ibe

For: Igbo Coalition For the Defense of Democracy. (ICFDD)

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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Princely Onyenwe A seasoned Investigative Journalist, Civil Rights Activist, and Political Analyst, Currently Editor and News reporter with 9News Nigeria www.9newsng.com www.facebook.com/9newsng

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