Rejoinder : That Contaminated Governor Hope Uzodinma’s Reshuffled Cabinet List- Hon Dr Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Writes

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From Princely Onyenwe

In Igbo language we say “Ihe Ojoooor Gbaaa Afor, Ya Wuru Omenala. It has become a tradition for the PDP faction led by Rt Honourable Emeka Ihedioha to be abusing, mudslinging, insulting and assaulting the person and personality of the State Governor, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma, and Members of the State Executive Council, using their Hatchet writer, Frank Nwaete and a few others.

Opposition is the Beauty of Democracy. It is what makes a sitting Government to be on its toes, to deliver quality dividends to the governed. Nevertheless, it does not give one the license to consciously and persistently continue to abuse, assault, mudsling and blackmail government and its elected and appointed officials. Drastic measures should therefore be applied to check these irresponsible activities of the Emeka Ihedioha led faction of the PDP.

Just yesterday, 19/11/2022, His Excellency the Executive Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, rejigged his cabinet by assigning portfolios to sworn-in Commissioners, while redeploying older ones to new Ministries. A few others retained their portfolios. These are aimed at achieving Optimum Service Delivery, and further provision of dividends of the 3-R government to the people of the state.

This singular action of His Excellency the Governor received applauds from Who Is Who in the state, even from members of other Political Parties and those who are apolitical. Imo State should be seen as a family, irrespective of Political Party affiliation of her members. Therefore, the progress of the State should be the utmost concern of all of us.

Unfortunately, Emeka Ihedioha has refused to toe this line of reasoning, by prevailing on his boys to show restraint in their reckless and uncoordinated opposition to the Government of the day in the state. Ever since he lost out in the Power Game, he has continued to demonstrate Bitterness, Animosity And Acute Hatred to the Government and People of the state. This has led him to reportedly use his boys to be causing Political, Social and Economic disequilibrium in the state : from instigating insecurity to attacking and insulting the Governor and Members of the State Executive Council.

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Is it a crime for His Excellency The Governor to rejig his cabinet? Is it a crime for the Governor to assign and reassign portfolios to his Commissioners?

The Commissioner for Information And Strategy, Chief Declan Emelumba has shown capacity, in the face of continued attacks and blackmail from Emeka Ihedioha’s Media boys led by Frank Nwaete. Despite their sponsored onslaught against Declan Emelumba, His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma, in his wisdom, reappointed him as the Commissioner for Information And Strategy. This is due to the fact that he is doing excellently well. The question now is : who is Emeka Ihedioha, through Frank Nwaete and others, to dictate for Governor Hope Uzodinma who to appoint as Commissioner, and who to drop? When has the factionalized PDP led by Emeka Ihedioha become to see envy and jealousy in these continued attacks.

“When has the factionalized PDP led by Emeka Ihedioha become the Clearing House for those to be appointed and reappointed into the cabinet of the Government of His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma?

For me, I see envy and jealousy in this continued attack. “Emeka Ihedioha represented Aboh Mbaise/Ngor-Okpala Federal Constituency at the National Assembly for 12 unbroken years. Yet he could not attract any tangible developmental projects to his people. He didn’t even win the PDP primary in 2003. He was defeated by Rt Honourable Godfrey Dikeocha, but he manipulated his way through deceit . He also reportedly lost the election proper. In 2007, he destroyed the zoning arrangement between Aboh Mbaise and Ngor-Okpala, due to his greed, selfishness and unquenchable taste and desire to continue to hold on to power. In 2011, he was roundly defeated by Hon Chief Barrister Soronnadi Njoku of the ACN, with a very wide margin, but he manipulated and corrupted the electoral process. Even as Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, he could not even attract any Federal Government Project to his Mbaise Nation and indeed, Federal Constituency.


Alatia Community is in his Federal Constituency, yet it is the most backward community in southeast ( For detail, please Goggle, “ALATIA COMMUNITY :THE FORGOTTEN AND ABANDONED COMMUNITY IN IMO) . Emeka Ihedioha refused to develop or attract development to this community, both as Deputy Speaker Of The House Of Representatives and as supposed Governor Of Imo State. Graciously, His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma has given signal to bring development to this abandoned and forgotten Community.

In 2015, this same Emeka Ihedioha was roundly defeated by Senator Ifeanyi Araraume in the PDP Governorship Primary, but he manipulated and corrupted the process. In 2019, he reportedly did same to Senator Sam Daddy Anyanwu, and went ahead to defraud the sensitivity and sensibility of Ndimo by manipulating the Gubernatorial Election process, which was later rectified by the Supreme Court.

It should be noted that, throughout the period Emeka Ihedioha hovered around as the Governor of Imo State, he refused to attract tangible developmental projects anywhere in the state, even in his Mbaise Nation. Rather, he was busy annexing lands belonging to his kinsmen (Umunna) in Mbutu Community of Aboh Mbaise .* Yes, he forcefully did so.

Today, Governor Hope Uzodinma is doing the road that leads to Emeka Ihedioha’s home town. Yes, Hope Uzodimma is currently doing Owerri/Mbaise/Umuahia road, which Emeka Ihedioha refused to do as House Of Representative member, as Deputy Speaker and as Governor by default.

Emeka Ihedioha is seriously pained that Governor Hope Uzodinma is massively doing quality roads in Mbaise, hence he has unleashed his boys to attack, incinerate, assault and blackmail the 3-R Administration, using Frank Nwaete as his war-head.

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Imo Governorship is not Emeka Ihedioha’s birthright. It is not his exclusive right. Also, Imo PDP Governorship ticket is not Emeka Ihedioha’s birthright. It is not his exclusive right. Imo Governorship position coming to “Owerri Zone” does not mean “Coming to Emeka Ihedioha”.

Owerri Zone is not Emeka Ihedioha, and Emeka Ihedioha is not Owerri Zone. His Excellency Governor Hope Uzodinma has the Constitutional right to re-contest. And he has done well to merit it. Nevertheless, this is democracy, and this game must be played according to the rules. Therefore, Emeka Ihedioha should direct his boys to stop heating the polity. Politics should be played for what it is : Politics…… It should not be a do or die affair. Not everyone should be in politics. If you fail as a politician, it is advisable you go and find handiwork. I have a handiwork, apart from politics. I am a consummate trader.

I am also an established writer with over 7,000 Published Articles And Journals to my Credit (Go And Verify). Conversely, since Emeka Ihedioha has failed as a Politician, he should be advised to seek paid employment in a Pure Water company, become a Supermarket Attendant, Poultry Farm Attendant or Hotel Waiter. He should stop heating the Imo polity, through his boys.

It was General Mamman Vasta who stated that “When You Start Insulting
Yourself, Other People will Join To Insult You”. A Word Is Enough For The Wise.

Samuelson Iwuoha Writes from Owerri.

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