Revealed: Tinubu Is A Hybrid Of Abacha And Buhari —Shettima Cries Out Loud

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Godspower Oparaugo (9News Owerri)

Following the trend of events surrounding the Nigerian political environment, the emergence of APC Ahmed Tinubu, LP Peter Obi and PDP Atiku Abubakar as presidential candidates of various political parties in the upcoming 2023 presidential election have continued to attract serious attention as to predict who among the trio that will likely win the presidency seat.

On this therefore, the writer focused on the likely difference that may differenciate the contenders.Tinubu in focus.

Read Him:

Nigerians, runs for your dear lives, this is no longer a game but a fight. If Tinubu (APC) finally wins, Nigeria is gone. Christianity will have no place in Nigeria and the youths will suffer to their graves.

Those of you who are running errands for APC and Tinubu, you’re caging yourselves and the future of your generation. You can hear the running mate to Tinubu, Shettima calling Tinubu a combination of Abacha and Buhari.

Let’s talk about Abacha. Some of us who were not born or adult during the reign of Abacha will never understand that that man was a d.evil himself. It took only God’s mercy to save Nigerians out of his hands.

Let’s talk about Buhari. I’m sure we all are feeling the odour of his bad leadership. I’m sure none of us is spared including uniform people. Buhari has damaged the future of Nigeria. I won’t go into details.

Now tell me, how would Nigeria be when Tinubu who is described to be a hybrid of Abacha and Buhari becomes the president?

Then, people will voluntarily take their own lives when they can’t bear the suffering. But I know that God is not a man, he has a way of saving his people.

Even Atiku is not better, we know his stories too but he’s trying to be nice now just to win the election.

Do these people think we are clones? How can a running mate to the APC presidential candidate open wide his mouth and vomit nonsense and still expect you and I to vote them into power? No, we can’t do that, we are not foolish.

Extreme Right- APC Presidential Candidate spotted sleeping at a public outing recently

There are things we can do and God will never forgive us, and one of it is “voting Tinubu into power as the president of Nigeria” because his running mate has revealed who he really is. Or would I rather say that “God has revealed the identity of Tinubu through his running mate, Shettima.”

In Nigeria, some politicians weak up, they make deadly utterances that are capable of destroying future of the country; the economy, peace and religious wellbeing and nothing will happen. Yet, you will still vote them into power just because of money. Shame!

Look at what is happening at education sector in Nigeria, ASUU has been on strike for over 6 months and the government is quiet. While they are preparing ahead of 2023 without having the so-called leaders of tomorrow in their agenda. What other evidence do we need to prove that Nigerian leaders are against the future of the youths?

So, if you know how to save yourself from the coming danger, you better do. As for me, I don’t need a seer to tell me what to do.

If Tinubu wins, Abacha and Buhari have returned to rule on one seat at Aso Rock, that’s what Shettima’s statement means.

We will surely survive it all.

Godspower Oparaugo Writes from Imo State Nigeria.

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