Speech and Quotes from Peter Obi of Anambra state, What Nigeria should emulate

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The former governor of Ananmbra state, Peter Obi was one but most outstanding guest speaker at the recently concluded semina, THE PLATFORM.

The ex governor, spoke extensively on how he was able to make massive achievements as the governor of Anambra state.

How he was able to curtail governance expenditures and reduced cost of state project executions thereby amassing so much wealth in savings accounts of the state.

Mr. Peter Obi spoke on the practical approaches he made towards good governance which really worked out and brought success in his administration.

He was able to build roads and other infrastructures in Anambra state while also saving money for the state.

He effected positive changes to the state educational system in that Anambra state was able to record best results in WAEC exams and others.

– By SOE – 9News Nigeria

Here are some of the Quotes from his speech as was copied to 9News Nigeria. 

“To you young people, Take Back your Country…it is your future they are toying with”. – Peter Obi

“I reduced my convoy to 5 vehicles and you cannot buy fuel unless I am in the car”.- Peter Obi

“If I sleep in a hotel and have to pay N250k a night, I will be awake all night…feeling like I was robbed”. – Peter Obi

“You know there are many big men in Anambra state, so when they want to see me, I say to them I will come to you instead”.- Peter Obi

“We handed schools back to Churches and by 2013, we were number one in WAEC.”- Peter Obi

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“I beg you to participate more in politics, the society we help them abuse today will take its revenge tomorrow”.- Peter Obi

“The only way out of recession is to spend for growth. You can only spend for growth either from savings or from borrowing.
The question is: what are you borrowing for?
Are you borrowing for consumption or for production?
When you borrow for consumption, you are heading for disaster.”

— Peter Obi.

” I had to stop the Presidential lodge in Anambra… A project awarded at 400million. I had to close down state house in lagos and Abuja… Because I felt we dont need it…. Even when other states had.”

” They said President Obasanjo is coming… I went to borrow the kind of cars they wanted… Instead of spending millions… From a neigbouring state.”

“I requested Obasanjo to spend the nights in my lodge Since they said he must sleep over… I asked my wife to pack out of my bedroom… We went opposite to lodge in a hotel (name mentioned) for the week, we paid N30,000 instead of N100,000.”

“I used the 150million for 2 bullet proof cars to buy almost 50 Peugeot cars at 3 million each.. gave 17 to JUDGES and 18 to permanent Secretaries (because i discovered they did not have cars) and kept 10 for govt house… which I used as Governor… I did not use bullet proof cars as Governor.”

“They said we should attend world Igbo Congress in U. S…. That the budget WAS cut from 40 to 32million…. I asked them why… That only one person should go and come and tell us what was discussed.”

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“Instead of paying 30,000 for each security personnel (about 30) per night in Abuja, I told IG to give me Police whenever am in Abuja….I travel alone… Ppl complained…. The 15 drivers lodged in Abuja state house…who come to airport to cause confusion, i asked to go, kept only 3. The others to go back to Akwa or look for job… I asked the cook to go back to Akwa instead of giving him 30,000 per plate.”

“When Governors lodge and Govt house was burnt before I came… With budget of 400million and 300 million, I repaired them for 42 million and 80million respectively. They wanted to impeach me that I did not spend by due process… Following the awarded Contracts and contractor…. I saw a table.. That my predecessor used, they said its old… I asked them to renovate it… That all i needed was a table to write as Governor… ”

” So so so I was able to save money and made sure that ANAMBRA HAS THE BEST ROAD NETWORK THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN NIGERIA…..”


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  1. I really admire you, sir! And all you did for the Amanbra people. But, are you for real? How were you able to curtail expenses and not get crucified for it? You know who I’m talking about…. The fat cats that seat in State House, shining their eyes, wagging their tails and seeking ways to usurp the wealth of the state! Oga, you did well – KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS

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