The Good Side of Death! By Shom Akor Fanen

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In as much as a lot of us will not forgive death for betraying us,snatching away our loved ones away from us forever I will still have to applaud death,for taking away the Wicked; most especially,those who had killed others for their selfish gains, those who had houses all over but still watch their fellow man sleep under the rains,in the cold & under the Sun, those who had knowledge of some certain things but refused to share,the oppressors of the weak and the poor in our societies, those who had opportunities to save others from dying but decline as a result of finance,those who were trusted with Orphans, Children, the Vulnerable & Women in their care but ended up molesting them and also not forgetting those who had looted our treasuries at the detriment of the Nigerian-African future.

Yea,a lot of us might be trying reconcile the Topic,battling persuasively within our minds on why one will tagged death “Good”

But I tell you my brothers/Sisters, until man recognises the purpose of his creation which is LOVE & not HATE,ENVY,JEALOUSY E.T.C. he/she is closer to death,and when he/she dies no matter the quality of the programme and all the lies told in the programme during his funeral;he will still be reminded in the hearts of those he/she oppressed as a bad man/Woman, and before his creator he will be regarded as ……..I let God to decide.

A lot might still tagged me “In sane” for calling death good,but that is the truth.Although,no matter what anybody has done I had no powers to wished him/her death!

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I also know that,a lot will say;when I was in need no one came to my aid,but I tell you my brother/Sister no matter how hard you have worked and planned It can still be by God’s grace that you are successful therefore, we must as a matter of urgency begin to help one another,hit the.

“Noks & Grannies of communities and begin to look at peoples troubles as our troubles by so doing I believe Guns,reduced on the streets, envy and jealously if not completely eliminated will be reduced to the minimum,love amongst us take the center stage…

Though humanity is complicated; we must not stopped trying to liberate the world from hate,Envy,Jealously and from those who have taken or will want to take it all by themselves and their families at the detriment of others.

A word of Advice for those who may only think,poverty is the reason I write this piece;take a look at the mansions, the cars the moment you are pronounced dead, you ceased to enjoy all I know a lot might say I am not afraid of death; I will urge us today to read more about death in the bible and other books of wisdom where death explains it self better.

My brothers/Sisters i know we can barely do little, but little by little we are lifted.

I #Shom Fanen Akor that writes this piece too;if I dont’ live a worthy life before God and humanity then in my death more will rejoice than mourn,even though heaven we mourn for the lost of my soul forever.Verily,verly for those that I had once oppressed here on earth, it will be the “GOOD SIDE OF MY DEATH”

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But if I lived here well then the revised is the case!

My Brothers/Sisters,for we are only but visitors here on earth. Let’s lived here loving each other no matter what.

May God/Allah open our hearts so that we can see him,copy & paste his true love on each another here on earth,so that on the last day we will be celebrating in eternity.

Shom Akor Fanen writes from Makurdi


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