The Nigerian youths must purge themselves of woke mentality or end up creating a machinery in form of a youth political party for the greedy – by Mmiri Jesus.

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In Nigeria today, since the beginning of EndSARS protest. A new but same old turn of things has envloped this Nations history.

First was a superlative peaceful protest by seemingly a United group of Nigerian youths that was later Hijacked by government thugs and misguided elements that saw an uninformed divisive Nigeria through this medium.

And now a new political party created by the youths which is already gaining momentum.

To the glory of God, some of us are excited for the awakening sprit the Nigerian youths have just began to show.

I am once more excited that the youths are now seeing politics as a way of life and should not be allowed for any god-forsaken group of people to keep playing with the people’s future.

But yet, the youths must not be blind to the reality on ground.

The reality on ground is that since Independence, young persons have taken different turns in political positions in this nation.

The likes of HE Chibuike Amaechi, Sen Dino Malaye, Gov Yahaya Bello, Gov Nyesom wike, Gov Aminu Tambuwal and many of our leaders got into power, in politics, during their youthful age and yet there have gotten Nothing to show for it.

This has shown that the problem in the society has nothing to do with age limit.

It has everything to do with the mentality of the Nigerian People.

A Nigerian man sees politics as an avenue to enrich himself which is totally wrong in all ramifications.

Nigerians must understand that governance is for the people and for the people alone.

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There must be an atom of selflessness in our leadership before Nigeria Will move forward.

We must not continue to agitate for youths take over when our idea of leadership is still centred on the gains we accrue while in public office.

We must as a matter of urgency begin individually to purge ourselves of anything relating to corruption.

We must as a matter of urgency begin to re-write the age-long notion of being rich through crooked means in this nation, so as to achieve the needed goal.

I call on Nigerian youths to begin the developmental process first before talking about creating a political party/movement for the youths.

A political party is created with an ideology, not just out of emotional exuberance.

Once the ideology is not pratical in the scheme of things within the party, then it’s a lost battle and it’s turned into a scheme to enrich few persons in the party.

Nigerian youths must not afford to lose further battles in the country.

We must purge our people from selfishness and greedy attitudes that bring about bad Governance before talking about a new political party for the youths.

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