The Said 99 Million Naira For Atiku’s Imo Rally: Sam Onwuemedo Writes Hon. Egu

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From Princely Onyenwe


l had been to Hon. Greg Egu’s house in Owerri. l had been to his house in his Umuohiagu Community, in Ngor Okpala. That was when he was in the House of Representatives. And l went on his invitations. l didn’t know any of the houses. But Dr Emma Anyanwu, from Ahiazu Mbaise, took me to the two homes.

Dr Anyanwu, was my personal Assistant when l was the President of the Students Union of Alvan lkoku college of Education. He was calling me and still calling me His Excellency. l was only calling him Emma. But today, he has his Doctorate Degree, which l do not have.

l no longer call him Emma. l call him Doc. Or Dr. Emma and he would call me His Excellency. Honour should always be given to whom it is due. PhD is not Chieftaincy title like Okangaoziri. lt’s a serious thing. Dr. Emma Anyanwu or Emma Anyanwu, PhD . And then, Mr Sam. Onwuemeodo. The LORD is good. Dr Anyanwu has a very intimate relationship with Hon. Egu. It has been long.

l had seen Hon. Egu as a complete gentle man. Very urbane. A very calm and humble politician. l left his house with these impressions. And l have held unto them. And here, we are.

l have been following or reading the claims and counter-claims, associated with the alleged ninety nine million naira, said to have been given to Hon. Egu, as the Director General of Atiku Abubakar’s campaign Council in lmo, for the Party’s Presidential rally that held recently in Owerri. Ninety Nine Million Naira isn’t a tea party. And there is acute hunger in the land.

l also say this for the sake of emphasis. The PDP, as a political Party, had before now, sown a very bad seed in lmo. What they call propaganda. That bad seed had germinated and bore fruits. Very irritating and disturbing fruits.

One of them in my area, before his death, was calling it bomb. He said, when they throw it on you, before you could recover, the damage would have been done. They do not know that it’s ungodly to do such. They see it as part of politics. But it is not, to the best of my knowledge.

Unfortunately, most of those who had had that bad orientation are still around. They have also tranfered it to the younger ones. Many of them are still in PDP. And most of those in APC today were in PDP. Even those in APGA and Labour Party. The reason people could forge letters or documents in other people’s names. Fabricate lies with ease. Manufacture and market falsehood with l don’t care attitude.

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When Rochas Okorocha was governor, one of the PDP products in his government, a female and Commissioner, during expanded EXCO meeting suggested that we should set up propaganda team. Those who had spoken before me supported the idea.

But l told Owelle that, l don’t believe in what they call propaganda. lt’s lifespan is always very shot. One truth would destroy one thousand falsehood called propaganda. lt’s also counterproductive. He agreed with me. And we operated without propaganda until we exited . The reason nobody had/has contradicted any of our claims.

So, when l read about Hon. Egu being given N99m in his capacity as the DG of Atiku’s PCC, lmo State, and he allegedly developed wings and flew away with the doo, l didn’t believe it . Even now, l have not believed the story. I have only seen it as what pdp knows how to do best, Propaganda.

But with all the reactions from Egu and those on his side, l am beginning to relax my doubts. To lower the antenna of my disbelief. l am beginning to drop the word allegation.

I am yet to read any serious explanation or material deflating the accusation or allegation from Egu’s side . lt does not require all these radio outings. lt does not call for much grammar. All these newspaper publications.

The money was meant for a purpose. Atiku’s campaign rally in lmo. lt wasn’t a donation to Hon. Egu. Aside him, they also have Chairman of the PCC in lmo and other officials. They have the party’s chairman in the State. The Secretary and the Organizing Secretary.

The money was meant to be disbursed to Committees and subcommittees for various assignments to make the rally successful. Then, the question remains, who and who were there, when the money was disbursed?. Was the money given cash to those who handled various activities for the rally or was it disbursed through the bank or banks? Who collected what?

Money of such nature, should not have been given without those who collected, signing for it. If the money was disbursed through the bank or banks, he must have, by now , gotten the statement of account to show those who collected.

The money wasn’t given to Honourable Egu to spend. As DG, it was given to him for disbursement, with other key persons present.

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As we write, if he has the list of those who collected money from the N99m, either directly from him or through the bank or banks, he should release the list for the public to see. People should not have collected money from him, without signing for it. That’s the popular practice.

And won’t he give account of how the money was disbursed or spent , to those who gave him the money ? . Like I said, it doesn’t call for much grammar. Much ado.

lf he had published the list of those who collected money from the 99m naira , with their signatures, few hours or days after the accusation, the matter would have ended since, in his favour. But he has not proved that there is no skeleton in his cupboard, with regard to the contentious cash.

He stands indicted as accused until he does the needful. lt does not matter who made the allegation or where the accusation came from. His name or image is at stake. The popular and highly respected name EGU, is at stake. Egu of Umuohiagu, Ngor Okpala. The reason l said, it’s not all about him.

The Egu dynasty can’t be messed up, because of 99million naira. A family believed to be stupendously rich and endowed both in human and material resources. A family that paid its dues in everything lmo long before now . ln politics, judiciary and so on. Maria Egu nnem oweayara. Just remembering Dr Sir Warrior, even when l am not a music man. l only enjoy Christian musics. The Egu dynasty has done well in all segments of life. They are blessed. Greg Egu should be conscious of all these and count his teeth with his tongue. He should live above board for the sake of the Egu family and what the family represents .

l have always told people that what makes the difference in life is not money or position, but character. You may not have money today, but tomorrow you may have it. Ditto, position or material things. But when you lose character, you have lost all. Character is key. lntegrity is key. Honesty is key. knowing God is the ultimate. The bottomline. The summary of life.

Dr Doyin Okupe, few days ago, resigned as Peter Obi’s Campaign DG, following his indictment by a High Court Judgement. lt was not Obi that was indicted. But Okupe being the Labour Party Campaign DG, Obi had instantly inherited his indictment. His moral burden. And he had to resign to free Obi. The way to go. Show me your friend and l tell you who you are.

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Few days ago, someone l have always had sympathy for because of his handicaps , came up to say that Sam. Onwuemeodo is a quack journalist. I knew that the element was just being mischievous. l didn’t say because people know my record in journalism, l wouldn’t react to that .

l reacted to the claim with only one- tenth of what l have in my kitty. And then, said that the folk is Quack personified. A gatecrasher. And l vowed to quit journalism if he proves me wrong. l knew why l made that vow. Because the guy is WhatsApp creation . He is only existing on WhatsApp platforms. He was not forthcoming. He only came up to ask whether l was scheming to be lhedioha’s media aide. Just to distract me and the general public . What’s the message here?. You don’t leave any stone unturned when the issue bothers on your person. Your integrity. Your image.

The issue of the 99m naira has created a question or put a question mark on the Honourable’s integrity. And concerted effort must be made to resolve it in his favour. So that we can begin to ask for apology on his behalf. He should go for goal. At times, long grammar does not pay. What pays is ” evidence before the court”. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 3 , etc. That’s how cases are won. Verifiable proofs .

The ball is still in the court of the former member of the House of Representatives, for Aboh Mbaise /Ngor Okpala federal Constituency. And the way he plays it, would determine what happens next.
l wish him Goodluck.

Sam Onwuemedo writes from Owerri.

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