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Survival is very hard,and most people who have the privilege of sleeping in good homes,going about in expensive cars can at least attest that standing under the sun & rain to sell your products, going back home not to enjoy yourself sleep but to fight with the number of mosquitoes in your room is not easy talk more of paying your bills for at least 40%. Although, few still makes it from Hawking but,if asked how they made it, they have stories that will make you shared tears,that is, will the Number of challenges they went through.In essence, Hawking is not easy!

Before I proceed,permit me to do justice to What is Hawking.

This term means to sell goods on the street and to attract attention of people by calling out. Dictionary. Com

Selling itself is but a very technical process that requires skills that will aid you exchange services or goods for money. Shom Fanen Akor(2019).

Why do I say our brothers and sisters who hawks should be treated right??

In this country a lot looks at poverty as a disease forgetting the fact that,even amongst their family tires there a lot of poor people.Not just looking at it as a disease but also tries to frustrate and humiliates people,whom they feel they are better-of,at every Slight meetings. Although,we still have people that have what it takes, and yet they have that supportive & Sympathetic heart whom have tried lifting a lot out from poverty but yet they were betrayed. But i urge you not to relent but continue doing good.

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But if you are the type that frustrates and humiliates the efforts of this hard working young men & women who hustles/hawks on the streets genuinely;Please I urge you to stop and desist from such Acts immediately.

Not forgetting people who hangs around at beer and pepper soup joints,know ye that some of those girls and boys you see serving/selling for you are responsible people and for sure their times too will come;be the type that,when this people meets at the top they will be proud of you and not the the type that will be arrested, humiliated or giving a dirty slap for touching their bombom or humiliating them during their trying times.

As we read through this piece, may our love for humanity increase!

Be supportive & not destructive in your nature.


Shom Fanen Akor writes from Makurdi

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs