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Here we go again!

Someone told me we should allow Tinubu to become the president so far he chooses a younger candidate to tag along. His excuse?

Tinubu is old and dying.
How many more years does he have in him? A year and two at most and he would make way for a more vibrant leader. It would even be better considering that this vice mat not be able to smell the position on his own.

The same thing played out during the last United States of America presidential election. Some self acclaimed political analysts claimed President Biden was just going to clear the way for Kamala Harris to become the next and first female POTUS. Because? Biden was old and dying! I laughed.

A lot of people are coming out and will still be out in full throttle to try and sell us Tinubu. Some will present him as the messiah while others will see him as a master plan- means to an end. Like the man telling me he’s our best shot to electing a competent leader since his direct rivals will be just as bad and worse still, with age on their side. But even if that analogy is to play out, why risk him when we can just go for who we deserve straight away? Are we forbidden to dream big?

Strangely, people sold this fantasy in 2015 too and a lot of gullible people bought it: Osinbajo was supposed to be the messiah on standby on the eventual exit of Buhari. Some argued he would follow the Abacha and Yaradua route while others said he would soon be overwhelmed and resign. Some even said he wouldn’t dare go for a second term. Either way, all eyes was on the well-tailoured English speaking Professor.

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Not only did Buhari finish his first term, he won re-election convincingly. And unlike the weakling he was portrayed as, he wouldn’t even relinquish power to his vice when not on seat. Who saw it coming? Nobody!

It’s already year 7 and Buhari neither died, nor resigned. Did he spend a good number of his Seven years rule so far outside the shores of the country attending to his medical needs? Yes, but to what good where we are concerned? We are left with Osinbajo here who’s hands are tied, and who worse still isn’t better than his disaster of a master.

The so called walking dead has successfully brought the country to its knee while we watched hopelessly. By next year, Eight years would have gone down the drain. The perfect definition of ‘Wasted Years’. Not only were those years wasted; we went several steps backwards!

2023 beckons and we carries on with our insanity; ready to do the same thing over again while hoping for a different outcome.

For the first time, I’ll be very political involved next year. I will have candidates, rally for support and I will vote. I will do my best to ensure we get a saner Government than we have.

Whether we get to that promised land remains to be seen but at the end of the day, I won’t have my conscience to battle with. People like me sat down and watched them dash us a disaster last Two general elections. And…the dance begins again!

Let’s go to the playground.

Enwerem Divine Henry Chukwuka
March 24th.

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Enwerem Chukwuka - Enwerem Divine Henry is a surviving twin who became deaf at Eleven. Enwerem is currently a guest writer for 9News Nigeria and the editor of Koliba Magazine; a member of Anyi-Anyi, and Nollywood Screenwriters and Critics. Born in Niger and partly raised in Jos, Plateau State, Enwerem grew up in Abia State. He's a product of Central Oguduasa Secondary school where he graduated in 2012 as the best Literature in English student. Enwerem is a social commentator, poet and the author of two books: Honourable Cow-Cow and Godfathers. The author who doubles as a Screenwriter is credited to these Movies: April 30, Witness to Murder and Mad Dance.

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