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South East Governors and OHANAEZE NDI IGBO
South East Governors and OHANAEZE NDI IGBO
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By Austin Okeke Esq

The most civilized thing to do under this circumstance is to get a third party arbiter to look into this matter.

That we are approaching a court of law in a democratic society is indicative of how sacred the institution Ohaneze Ndigbo is to Ndigbo, it doesn’t belong to a select few people in a Glass House in Owerri.

Ime Obi Ohaneze is the highest decision making body, it is a shame that the Executives will sideline internal democratic structures with such impunity.

Looks like they have been getting away with murder in the past, but not anymore.

It is no longer business as usual.

We cannot continue to leave it in the hands of God, and then turn around and play god by flouting natural laws which have been there for time immemorial even before these same leaders were born.

Lets leave it for God negates thus: Heaven helps those that help themselves This means that you don’t sit on the fence and expect things to happen without you making any effort. You must take a leap of faith.

South East Governors and OHANAEZE NDI IGBO
South East Governors and OHANAEZE NDI IGBO


We must develop a new Jurisprudence, new ethos that their origins and relevance directly come from the Culture and Traditions of Ndigbo which have found expression in the Constitution of Ohaneze Ndigbo.

We cannot have a legal system which is practised by the majority of our people relegated to the background, so to give way to the whims and caprice of a few Strongmen in a Glass House in Owerri Imo State Nigeria.

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The law of the oppressors cannot trump the law of the vast majority of our people.

We must refuse to embrace these foreign invaders who are using the few of our people as conduit to penetrate our society in order to continue to oppress us in perpetuity.

We must not embrace the laws of the invaders and those that have come to take over our land at the expense of the vast majority of our Ndigbo.

I thank you

22 November 2020
Austin Okeke Esq

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