Woman Sets Husband Ablaze And Commits Suicide Over Allegedly Infidelity

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A newlywed has killed her husband by setting him ablaze, then she committed suicide.

The woman, known simply as Ife, suspected her husband Bolu of cheating so she left an angry note on her WhatsApp stories, saying that her man has “pushed her to the edge” and promised that people will weep over both of them before daybreak.

Bolu, who lives in Cairo but was visiting Nigeria, was set ablaze in his home, burning him and destroying his properties.

Video from the scene shows the extent of damage done to the house.

Bolu was rushed to the hospital while Ife was nowhere to be found.

According to reports, Ife has now been found dead of suspected suicide.

Bolu also didn’t survive. He died as a result of the burns sustained from the fire.

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