BREAKING:Ayu Must Resign;Wike & Cohorts Desperados~PDP Middle Belt Youth Alliance

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In a press Release by Comr.Patriot Aboh J. O,Publicity Secretary, PDP Middle Belt Youth Alliance on Thursday take a dig at Governor Wike and his cohorts who in recent times are calling for the removal of the party’s national chairman, Senator Iorchia Ayu.

In what seems a quagmire;the forum has hit Governor Nyesom Wike calling him and his friends “Desperados”.

The Press Release Reads:

Press Release by the leadership of the PDP Middle Belt Youth Alliance on the Vendetta by Chief Bode George, Governor Nyesome Wike the Executive Governor of Rivers State and others.

The PDP Middle belt Youth Alliance is a conglomeration of minority ethnic groups in Nigeria with the commitment of defending and advocating for the quotas of these ethnic nationalities.

The recent frivolous demand for the resignation of the National Chairman of the PDP H E Sen. Iorchia Ayu is not just condemnable but totally uncalled for as their accusations and agitations are absolutely baseless, self seeking and vindictive.

Its said that he who must come to equity must come with clean hands a legal maxim that Governor Wike as a member of the bar and his cohorts should be familiar with and put to practice.

It is there unfortunate that the outrage of Gov Wike became pronounced after loosing out on the Vice Presidential Bid knowing fully well that the constitution is clear about whose choice it is to make on the case of a running mate.

The press conference by Chief Bode George who is expected to be very familiar with the workings of the party and a major benefactor despite the chronicles of PDP’s consistent failure to win Lagos state since 1999 further emboldens us to assert that the demand for Dr Ayu’s resignation is a personal vendetta.

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Gov Wikes actions along with his cohorts lately portrays them as political desperados whose actions are self seeking and does not represent the collective interest of the southern extraction of the party.

As it has always being in their culture to rock the boat when it does not align with their voyage; Nwike and his cohorts are at it again as throwing tantrums at the Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party.

The last escapade that led to the removal of Hon Uche Secondus was an antic to pave way for inordinate aspiration of Gov Wike forgetting that Chief Amodu Ali was the National Chairman of PDP from the North Central when Late President Musa Yaradua became president elect and remained National Chairman until President Yar’adua was elected President.

We wish to remind you that this would have been the precedence but for your desperation for power.

In view of the aforementioned, we wish to remind you that the National Working Committee (NWC) and National Executive Committee (NEC) have already taken a position, it is only reasonable to align with their position and allow peace to rain.

We wish to state that your demand for the resignation of the National Chairman is one of those desires that will never find expression.

As party faithfuls we wish to advice that you refrain from playing an albatross.

We advice you play the role expected of you as men who have benefited tremendously from the party since 1998-date as its better late than never.

We wish to state our disappointment in H E Governor Samuel Ortom the Executive Governor of Benue State who rather than protect the middle belt stake in the PDP has taken side against the party leadership just to satisfy his benefactor and master Gov Wike.

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It is sad that rather than drive the middle belt political renaissance, he has eaten his vomit of middle belt defence on the table of self aggrandisement.

We wish to state our unflinching support for the Party leadership under the Chairmanship of H E Sen Dr Iorchia Ayu and advise Gov Ortom to retract his steps stating that he should rather focus on delivering Benue State in the forth coming elections than leaching to the detriment of the entire party structure of the North Central.

He must stand up to his responsibilities and focus on delivering the zone where he leads the party other than indulge further in the Gov Wike Shenanigan.

We restate our commitment to the party and all her candidates as we wish us victory.

Long live the People’s Democratic Party

Long live our Democracy

God bless Nigeria.

Patriot Aboh J O
Publicity Secretary

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