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Buhari, A mistake That Will Be Corrected In 2019(Photo)

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By Wisdom Nwedene

These are Biafran activists which President Muhammadu Buhari tagged terrorists in Nigeria. They disgraced him yesterday before the Queen of England and equally snapped pictures with the policemen over there.

Nobody was shot, nobody was arrested, they were not chased away because the policemen in England understand what human right is all about.

Whereas in Nigeria, Buhari has not declared Fulani herdsmen rampaging and killing innocent citizens as terrorists.

IPOB members are never terrorists, they are angry because of the way they are marginalised.

Buhari remains a mistake that will be corrected by those he tagged as lazy youths in 2019..

(Wisdom Nwedene is a seasoned investigative journalist, writer and online newspaper editor. Contact :

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Wisdom Nwedene is a seasoned investigative journalist. He is currently an editor @9News Nigeria and also a social media strategist, writer, freelancer, motivational speaker. He can be contacted via email:, Facebook : Wisdom Nwedene or via phone call : 08163097961

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