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Senator Owelle ROchas Okorocha
Senator Owelle ROchas Okorocha
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There are indications that have shown that any moment from now, the Senator representing Imo West and the former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha will be pitching his tent with the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

This is coming after so many attempts by Okorocha to disintegrate the APC over his selfish and inordinate quest for more power.

However, Okorocha since his failed attempt to foist his son-in-law on the party and Imolites in the last general election resulted in activities that can be likened to anti-party which is punishable within the purview of the APC rules and regulations.

Kingsley Ndukwa further stated that back to his state, Imo State, Okorocha was hell-bent on hijacking the party structure of which he claims to be the party leader as against the incumbent Governor who has on several occasions extended the olive branch to him.

Kingsley hinted the obviousness that the banana peels which Okorocha littered in the APC is beginning to drag his legs to the mud as every attempt by him to dislodge the state Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma, the Imo APC and by extension, the national party has boomeranged thereby placing him as a big enemy to the party both in the state and at the national level.

In his words, “Okorocha in the morning will run to the APC NWC appealing in a like manner of a person begging for attention and acceptance and at night like Nicodemus of the Bible will sneak out to join forces with those that want to pull down the APC administration in Imo State just to fulfil his demonic desires”

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“Rochas Okorocha is like the man in the Igbo proverb who does not know where the rain began to beat him and so cannot say where he dried his body”

He added that this is a clear assertion that even in the PDP he cannot have it all, in fact, this unholy marriage can be best described as Okorocha meeting his “match”, to the APC, it is a good riddance to bad rubbish!.

“Congratulations are in order for the opposition PDP as it is another reunion and official bonding of two blocs that have sponsored and supported chaos in the state just to make it ungovernable for Gov. Hope Uzodimma and as hard as they try, so will they come crashing and crumbling.

“A breath of fresh air, peace, order and everything that makes the Imo APC worthwhile is back by this exit and the party will continue to stand tall as a beacon of democracy and will always provide people-oriented governance through its leadership styles and achievements in all the levels of governance.

If the Okorocha’s planned defection will make PDP dominate the south East then there are indications for APC to submerge the PDP in the Next elections, experts have posited.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs