My Appreciation to Governor Ugwuanyi-Hon. Nnaji Sunday

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As Governor ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state prepares for the official conclusion of his administration as the Executive Governor of Enugu state. His subordinates in their own areas of assignments during his tenure have shown their appreciation to the Governor for giving them the opportunity to serve in his administration. One of the Appointees, Hon. Nnaji Sunday, popularly known as odogwu global has gone out of his way to narrate his experience working with Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwu Lawrence Ugwuanyi, the executive Governor of Enugu state. On his message to the Governor, he said:


Written by Hon. Nnaji Sunday (Odogwu Global).

“I want to reference your track records From the beginning of your administration. I know you will do your best to better the lives of Ndi-enugu, and I’m glad that I voted for this government.”

“However, Your tenure has provided us with new hope and optimism for the future. It is clear for the upcoming generation and beyond for a state that was doomed, But this was a giant leap forward.”

“Your government was very efficient in dealing with problems that seems impossible to solve. You remain the best peace keeping Governor. Thank you for living up to our expectations, as Power didn’t change your personality. You have been as good as you were before you became the governor. Your humanitarian services and humility speak volumes.”

“Moreover, It was in your regime that after the first democratic governance that son’s of nobody achieved some big political heights, using Nkanu West LGA as a reference point. I would like to mention that Without the fear of favor, you gave Hon. Uchenna Chukwu Geme Ejim, the Executive Chairman’s position of Nkanu West LGA.”

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“It was also in your tenure that I received my first political appointment at the state level, as the Executive Assistant, in four(4) good year’s. I was re-appointed SA health to my dear LGA under Chief. Sir Nwabueze Nnamani (IKEOHA) administration. Based On the instructions of the Former governor and serving senator Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, I was suspended, but you instructed the LG to re-instate me back, or you will re-appoint me into the state cabinet. On that note, I was called back to duty and all my denied rights were giving without further delay.”

“I would like to talk about what you did in my current position against all odds. When the case was brought to your table, you endorsed me without any consultations. I will forever remain grateful to you.”

“Sir, in spite of very harsh conditions, your government has taken the state to an enviable status, both in economic and political scenario. Even though our state has seen better times in the past, but it has never been this peaceful recently. Your government has proven to us that we can do politics void of rancor and bitterness, your administration introduced peaceful coexistence among Ndi-Enugu.”

“Should I also talk about the new schools, new employment, new hospitals and road constructions, of which Under your watch many have become landlords?”

“However, In spite of going through a serious economic crisis ranging From nuclear war, insecurity, Covid-19 pandemic and so many other related Global challenges. You remain the only governor from the beginning of his administration that has not travelled to abroad for any medical check up. Everything about you is local and down to earth. Your Government brought this state back to its expected height and rebuilt it as one of the best states in Nigeria.”

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“To Further buttress my point, I want to state without equivocation that Your leadership style has proved to be extremely hopeful for a state that was initially destined to perish under difficult circumstances.”

“Thank you for being the only ray of hope in times of darkness, and the hope to the hopeless.”

“Irrespective of what the opposition and ungrateful human beings have to say about this government. It has repeatedly proved its self-worth to the people of Enugu.”

“Enugu’s state is no longer ruled only by the whims of the rich and the wealthy. But the poor and less fortunate now have a say both in their lives and in the functioning of the government. In the just concluded general election, you allowed the people’s vote to count, unlike other governors who use their incumbent power to achieve their aims for selfish interest. We the common people owe it all to this government for giving us the strength and self-respect.”

“Furthermore, After the years of undemocratic and dictatorship regimes, this government came as a welcome change, that portrays a free relationship with the people in which no one lost his or her job based on political affiliations.GBURUS IS FOR NDI ENUGU His government was democratically elected by the people and consists of the people in power.”

“Thank you GBURUS for being the Voice of the Voiceless, I’m proud to be a member of Enugu is in the hands of God political family. Wishing you all the best in life, my political God Father.”


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