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The above captioned headline extracted from a tirade written by Sam Onwuemedo,the former Chief Press Secretary to Rochas Okorocha and now his Special adviser on media would have been waved off as one of those media stunts aimed at achieving cheap popularity by the author, but because of the seemingly unrelenting attacks on the person and personality Imo state governor, H.E Senator Hope Uzodinma and the overall conscience of Ndi Imo, he needs to be put in proper perspective, that his call was rather belated, with smacks of mischief in it. He should however know that the govenor has long started walking the talk and not just the walk, because, the geniune efforts of the govenor is gradually bringing back normalcy to Imo state.

It’s indeed unfounded for Sam Onwuemedo to talk about the governor’s statement to Ndi Eze, as upsetting patriotic Ndi Imo. He should note that it’s the prerogative Governor Hope Uzodinma to directed the ship called Imo. His meeting with Traditonal Rulers in the state to help fish out these criminals in the state is in other and is a rational approach to help tame the situation at hand.

Sam Onwuemedo has forgotten that politics is local, and local approach must be used to ensure that peace returns to the hinterlands of Imo state, reason the govenor gave the directive. The speech of the govenor was clear and straight to the point, and for the author to be pointing at the govenor for what happened to the PDP Youth Leader in the state is just another clandestine approach, to avoid the seemingly and disturbing slience of Rochas Okorocha his principal since the invasion of Imo by these hoodlums in April.

Is it not evident with his thought line, that he has pointed to Ndi Imo and indeed Nigerians that the categories of people whom the govenor mentioned in his interactive meeting with the Traditonal Rulers are the ones actually fanning this violence in the state. Why is Onwuemedo emphatic about covering up for these category of people? One would have allowed for the Traditonal Rulers to help fish out these criminals, rather than calling for the govenor not to implement his security strategies. This is suspect and they have already seen the hand writing on the wall.

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Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk
Hope Uzodinma Walking The Talk

His blabbing, about the govenor speaking in a manner that does not allow for peace, means that the governor might have been indeed correct, by his assertions that the opposition and his aggrieved party men are the ones behind the spate of killings in the state, and having seen the hand writing on the wall, their spokesperson is calling out the govenor, rather than appealing to the people fanning this crisis to put a stop to it.

As he is not in Goverment, he may not have known what the governor and his goverment has done thus far through strategic ambiance in collaboration with various groups across board in Imo, including the bishops he mentioned towards restoring peace to Imo state. He should note also that the govenor is aware that he is not God, but has been given the mandate by the people to protect and serve Ndi Imo, so should he sit idly by and watch miscreants who are determined to tarnish his image and possibly make the state ungovernable as they have promised to succeed. Sam Onwuemedo by default has technically told Ndi Imo who are very intelligent, that his principal is actually behind this crisis with this very line of his

” I have advised against people threatening to deal with others, especially unjustly. Reason being that God would begin to deal with you, your generation and generations yet unborn. It becomes a generational palaver. We must understand some of these things”

Any intelligent person will deduce from the above that Okorocha is very unhappy with Uzodinma the govenor, for insisting that the right and proper thing be done and seen to be done with the state assets Okorocha has mismanged during his 8 years of unsung leadership which made caricature of what Goverment should be. It’s now obvious that Okorocha is not happy with the stand of Uzodinma, and has brought out all in him to see that Uzodinma’s Goverment does not succeed.

Since the invasion of Imo by these hoodlums, the govenor has stood his ground to ensure that peace returns to the state, after the attacks on Imo Prisons and Police headquarters, he was empathic to state that the IPOB and Hoodlums were the ones fermenting these violence in the state, has the govenor not being vindicated yesterday with the capture of one the IPOB members who confessed that they have been the ones behind the violence in Imo with the support of mercinaries,most of them from Ogoni. There is every reason now to believe the statement of the govenor because Sam Onwuemedo just gave us the needed conviction and confirmation that Okorocha truly has a hand with what is happening in Imo. In time, the IGP should ask Okorocha to call back all the Imo Security Network operatives who were not demobilized after he left office, because it’s evident that they are the ones formetting these violence in conjunction with the IPOB, with support of the opposition in the state.

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The nature of these attacks in the state have also proved that the categories mentioned by the govenor are the ones behind it, because they want to unseat the govenor through violence as their statements are inline with the attacks going on in the state. That the govenor has not named anyone in particular shows that he is matured, which is an outstanding quality of any leader who does not want to over heat the polity. This tirade by Onwuemedo in calling out the govenor to name these politicians who are behind the violence in the state, has shown that they know something about what is happening but are bent on continuing with it through the war of words, since they seem to be getting the message that they can’t bend Uzodinma to do their bidding.

On his drift about Gulak and circumstances that might have surrounded the death of Ahmed Gulak, Onwuemedo snapped again and gave himself and his principal off by stating that ” on the issue of Ahmed Gulak, those who like watching Van Dame or COMMAND movies, won’t find it easy, getting the right picture of what transpired in Imo in 2019, with regard to the APC gubernatorial Primary. Only those who like watching Janes Bond(007), would understand better.”

Narrating the vivid story of what happened in 2019 pre closes the fact, that Okorocha Political empire is still sad and threatened by the continued stay of Govenor Hope Uzodinma in power and to vent their anger, they capitalized on the insecurity situation in the stay to strike. Calming that the death of Ahmed Gulak does not have anything to do with them is mere pretense to put the eyes of the police off them. Unfortunately, the culprits who conducted that operation of killing Gulak were also killed, so to them, there is no evidence, but they should also note that the police is working out the immediate and possible remote cause of Gulak’s death. Sam Onwuemedo, your hypocricy of always running to quote the Bible, the holy book all the time has shown that you lack principles, because you don’t do what you preach, rather, we know that it has always been your approach of cover up.

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However we are thankful that you have given a clear view at what happened and what might have led Okorocha your principal to vehemently want to kill everyone in Imo, because the people and their conscience are still alive to the many actrocities commited by Okorocha, during his stay in office as Governor if Imo state.

Be rest assured that the government of Senator Hope Uzodinma will leave no stone unturned, to ensure that peace returns to Imo. The Dragon was destroyed yesterday, there maybe other dragons planing to come out, but they should know that by now, that a stronger force is in Imo to ensure that these hoodlums are not allowed to operate anywhere in the state. Sam Onwuemedo should advise his principal to come off his high horse and accept the fact that he raped Imo of their commonwealth and should hide his face in shame rather than cause more havoc in the state. He should also let his principal know that every move to recover what was stolen from Ndi Imo is sacrosanct as the wish of the people is the wish of the masses.

In the last few hours, governor Uzodinma has once more proved to Ndi Imo and indeed Nigerians that his security strategies are paying off as many of the hoodlums causing havoc in the state have been either demobilized or tamed. Ndi Imo should support the call of the govenor to help fish out these hoodlums by the Traditonal Rulers, as these hoodlums have vowed that Imo will know no peace. Onye mara asu ya suo na ikwe, onye amaghi asu ya suo na ala.

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