This Covid-19 Nonsense…… Their New World Order Plan. Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021

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December 2020 – Field Hospitals set up in each country

January, 2021Full lockdown, all jobs stopped, all businesses closed

February, 2021 Reform on all benefits

March 2021 – New infection Covid21 different strain (much more deadlier than Covid19)

April, 2021 – Hospitals unable to cope, Covid19 vaccination available

May, 2021 – Government sets new pay structures for workers including a new minimum wage

June 2021 – Shops running out of supplies commonplace. Local protests common. Army checkpoints get up in each town

July 2021 – National civil unrest takes off, local governments start pulling out. Covid21 vaccine developed.

August 2021 – Early plans for new government structure. First full vaccination rolled out of covid19

September, 2021All debts cancelled if you get vaccinated against covid19 and covid21. New law cancels all property ownership and passes it to the government

October, 2021 – Introduction of Covid Passports in digital and card formats. Only those vaccinated can work and travel.

November, 2021 – Covid19&21 vaccines become mandatory.

December, 2021 – Covid Passports change name to Health passports and become accepted as the normal way of life.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs