To Adhere To The Principle Of Federal Character, All Political Parties Should Zone Their Presidential Seats To The Southeast – SEPM2023

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SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate
SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate
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.. Or there’ll be no election in the nigeria in 2023 – SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate.

The CONVENERS of the SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate, SE23’PM In a weekend meeting Declared that All Political Parties in Nigeria should zone their Presidential slots to the SouthEast if truly Nigeria belongs to all of us.

In his Statement, the Pioneer Convener of the Mandate Team, Prince Benedict Onyewuenyi reminded the two major political parties, the PDP and the APC that Nigeria is for all Zones and therefore without the consideration of Fielding a SouthEasterner for its Presidential slots is tantamount to breaking the Unity and the existence of the Federal Republic.

In his words, “Since the return of Democracy 1999, both the Presidency and the Vice Presidential seat of the Federal Republic had been enjoyed by the North, West and a Southerner Respectively leaving the SouthEast completely out of the leadership Circle”. The next round of Elections is by the corner and the two major political parties are playing Politics with the SouthEasterner who had stood behind the formation and the building of both Parties.

In 1999, Chief Dr Alex IfeanyiChukwu Ekwueme who built the PDP with the Rest of the G34 Stepped down for Olusegun Obasanjo in consideration of the Oduduwa’s who felt that Chief MKO was unjustly Denied of the Exalted Position and was later Killed.

For the same reason Chief Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife was begged to Step down for Chief Olu Falaye, finally Chief Olusegun Obasanjo became the President.

The West ruled 8yrs and Yar’adua took power for 2yrs and died God Rest his Soul and his Second Dr Good luck Ebele Jonathan from SouthSouth took over Power for 6yrs and going by the Northern Agitation, Power Went back North in 2015 and Currently, President Buhari will be Concluding his tenure of 8yrs by May 2023.

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In all these arrangements, where have the SouthEast Benefited? The reason why things are not moving well in Nigeria. If we agree on that Principle which Says power must Rotate North and South after Two terms of a Particular Zone, it is then very necessary that entire Nigeria Politically should Consider it a Must that Power Shift Down SouthEast.

His Word’s, ” If we must remain one indivisible, One United and Prosperous Nigeria, the Turn of the SouthEast should not be Toiled with or played with for Justice, Equity and Fairness to Sustain us. We are not begging this indisputable fact, Nigeria belongs to all of us and unless until we begin from this moment to embrace it, the better for all of us as Nigerian’s”.

“Things are no longer as used to be in our dear country and to form a fusion to redirect or divert the Calamity we should begin to rally a SouthEast Candidate and Start a new beginning”.

No Nation has Developed with the Kind of Politics being played in Nigeria.

You travel around the world where Representation had played a major factor in the development of countries, then you will see where they are today.

But here, we are left with the politics of yesteryears where the older people will rather wish to remain in leadership positions, leaving the large percentage of young, capable, fresh mind and abled bodied, healthy, mentally-balanced men and women who have the capacity for productivity to languish in poverty and unemployment.

Enough of this backwardness, Nigeria should consider Herself lucky to be amongst the most Peaceful Nation with different tribes, cultures and Religion that had remained united to Date.

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The future of Nigeria is in the upcoming Election and if truly she wants to remain as one, we need to get it right or we end up becoming a divided entity.

SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate
SouthEast 2023 Presidential Mandate

May God Help us to get it Right,
Long live the Federal Republic.

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