US rejects outcome of Presidential election

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By Samuel Abasiekong-Abasiekong

The United States of America has condemned in strong terms the intimidation and disruption of activities of election observers and have rejected the process that led to the declaration of Emmerson Mnangawa as president of Zimbabwe.

Mnangawa emerged the President of Zimbabwe for second term in a most controversial process that led to his ‘victory”

The United of America in a Press Statement has rejected the the declaration of Mnangawa based on obvious irregularities reported across the country.

The country electoral umpire, Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) said on Saturday that incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa had won this week’s presidential election with roughly 53% of the vote, but the opposition and local and International observers are asking how?

ZEC said Mnangagwa’s main challenger, Nelson Chamisa, who leads the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) party, secured 44% of the presidential vote.

The head of the European Union’s observer mission on Friday said this week’s vote took place in a “climate of fear”. Southern African regional bloc SADC’s mission noted issues including voting delays, the banning of rallies and biased state media coverage.

Meanwhile the US says the election didn’t meet regional, international standards for credibility.

The United States notes in particular the systemic bias against political opposition during the pre-election period and reports from respected civil society groups that ZEC officials pressured election observers to sign altered polling station result forms.

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Many local political stakeholders have thumbed down the emergence of Emmerson Mnangawa and Zimbabwe is visibly boiling as some aggrieved youths are on rampage breaking laws and order.

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