Etofolam Felix Osuji (mni) Talks Tough On State Of Economy, Security, Religion And Politics- Charges APC Government On People’s Welfare

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From Princely Onyenwe

Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and member of the National Institute, Dr. Etofolam Osuji has called on Imo state government under Governor Hope Uzodinma to as a matter of urgency re-organize the economic base of the State to attract more productivity.

Dr. Osuji made this call in a media chat with Newsmen who called on him on Wednesday afternoon at his office in Owerri.

Dr Etofolam Felix Mni

Speaking on Economy, Dr. Osuji condemned the economic decadence spreading in the state which in many ways has adversely affected the commoners. The lack of Federal Government presence in Imo State has cumulatively over the years adversely affected the fortunes of the State.

He added that the failure of the state government to improve the economic base of the state has dangerously brought down the hospitality industry and set the state backwards. He added that the cash flow in the state has become low that people now manage the cash on hand aggressively.

Government do not have enough money to meet its pressing financial challenges thus also unable to even pay salaries as and when due, that is to say that a state that has no generation of cash inflow will not have enough money to spend. Cash is no longer available and poverty is seriously ravaging the people.

Cost of market products are skyrocketing on daily basis coupled with incessant fuel hike and high transport fare. This is more worrisome now that the Christmas season has come.

There are alot of constraints on the economy base of the State and Nigeria at large. Regrettedly government acts as if they are insensitive of the decay in the entire system.

Power generation is another major set back in Imo state Nigeria. For instance, unit cost of paying for a room is about forty five N45,000 forty five thousand Naira but now reduced to fifteen thousand 15,000 Naira for lack of patronage. We run generator almost every day to make our customers happy and comfortable while the Nation cannot supply electricity to her citizenry with frequent grid collapse. Diesel has risen astronomically thereby increasing the cost of business in Imo State.

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Dr. Osuji frowned at the state of Insecurity stating that the concerted effort by Government is highly needed to curb crime and criminalities in Imo state.

He said that a secure state is a prosperous society and maintained that the sanctity of life is what every government have to propagate.

The killings, herdsmen attacks and stealing are on the increase and efforts have to be made to Partner with Local Government Areas, Community Leaders and Vigilante groups to check the excesses and work as a team.

At a festive season like Christmas and New Year celebrations, people fear to visit or come into Imo state for fear of insecurity and hard times and this is credited to bad governance and wickedness of the Politicians.

Nowadays Bike riders in Owerri are using such avenue to rub people of their belongings and continously rape female passengers. The solution is not to remove okada from our roads but to regulate their operations and punish offenders. This measure should be applicable to Keke Bus drivers and privates.

On Education, Dr. Osuji was of the opinion that state government should replicate study centers at locations and areas closer for the accessibility.

He proposed for the expansion of study base at local government areas across the three senatorial zones stating that such idea will go along way to helping students of respective Schools, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics and Universities to study with ease unlike what is tenable in the Education sector. This system will also reduce the crowding of many students in a particular class.

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While stating that government alone cannot fund education because of enormous resources involved, It should become a culture in Imo state for compulsory education at least for primary and secondary school to improve the society.

Private organizations and Religious bodies should Patner deeply in this direction. School curriculum must change to expose students and pupils to knowledge based and practical studies that will shape their future and not teaching our teeming students and Youths topics that are not Y2k compliance.

He however opined to ban ASUU for lack of discipline and focus. He advocates for continous writing of books and thesis by professors of higher learning than being lazy and unfit to the recent trend in the global academic industry. He said that professorship is the pinnacle of academics and a professor without regular scholarly journals and research is demeaning,

On Politics, the financial guru, Dr. Osuji mni criticizied the APC National leadership for creating more hard times and not improving the system they inherited from PDP. He noted with dismay the state of the country in this APC administration and adviced the government to address immediate matters on ground to salvage the state.

Governor Uzodinma

The stakes are high against the citizens, Politicians are interested to win elections than to improve the people. He expressed bitterness that by the look of governance applicable in Imo state, Government is not helping the average Imolite and the centeral government is not helping Nigerians at large.

On Religion, he quoted KarlMax who stated that religion is the opium of the people but regretted the polarization and indoctrination that has bedevilled the entire system. We are now talking about same Muslim Muslim ticket which is the creation of the Federal Government. God has made man in His image and likeness but the people are being too Religious to a level of servitude.This is also drawing the nation backwards and Imo is also affected.

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Recall that Dr Etofolam Osuji mni, is the National President of the prestigious Government Secondary School Owerri and the Chairman of Maranatha Suites ltd. He is a Chartered Accountant and Member of the National Institute. He enjoys playing golf as a hobby.

Maranatta Suites Ltd

In summary, Dr Etofolam Felix told 9News Nigeria that the economic situation in Imo state and Nigeria at large has degenerated to a manner and scope that is Unbelievable while calling on government to wake up and apply best workable ideas to salvage the society.

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