Nigeria’s 2nd Most Terrorised Country After Iraq, Syria 3rd

Acclaimed Global and International Terrorism Research/Analysis group which specializes in collating data on terrorist activities worldwide, Jihad Analytics has disclosed that Nigeria is the second most attacked and terrorized country in the world with only Iraq being the first and Syria being the third.

The disclosure which was made in its half-year report spanning January to June 2022 stated that while Iraq recorded 337 terrorist attacks, Nigeria recorded 305 attacks with Syria coming third following142 terrorist attacks.

The disclosure by Jihad Analytics which employs global and cyber open-source intelligence and data noted that the Boko Haram/ISWAP Terrorist group was mostly responsible for the attacks.

The report is coming against the backdrop of the repeated claim’s by Nigerian government officials that terrorists have been degraded, decimated and terrorism checkmated to the barest minimum.

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