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Shocking!! Starving Zimbabweans Reduced Dead Elephant To Skeleton In 2 Hours (Photos)

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A magnificent bull elephant struck down in his old age.

But for the starving of Zimbabwe, it was little short of a miracle.

The carcass provided a vital source of food, and hundreds of desperate villagers in the Gonarezhou National Park descended on the dead animal within minutes of its discovery.
Using machetes, axes and knives made from tin cans they set upon the six-ton carcass, which was found deep in scrubland.

Within minutes, starving villagers arrive at the carcass.

Fights broke out as villagers battled to strip chunks of flesh from the animal and drag them away to feed their families.

It took just one hour and 47 minutes for the 13ft-tall elephant to be reduced to a skeleton.

Every part was used for food, even the trunk and ears.

The bones of the 70-year-old animal were taken to boil for soup and within 24 hours nothing was left but a blood-stained patch of earth.

The images are undeniably shocking.

But they illustrate the terrible lengths to which Zimbabweans are forced to go just to survive.

After less than two hours, only bones remain.

Even these will later be taken.
24 hours later, a man is seen standing at the spot where the bull elephant lay dead, completely cleared.


Source : Dailymail

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