The Best Marriage Advice a Father Gave To His Son

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One thing that is constant in life is change. But embracing change isn’t easy. Change brings with itself some unforeseen circumstances and challenges that we have never tackled or experienced before. However, it doesn’t always have to be like that. Our parents, our guardians and our mentors, with their own experience help us prepare for the changes that come our way, they tell us what to expect, what to do and what not to do.

Marriage is phenomenon that happens atleast once in most people’s lives. It’s the biggest change that can transform our lives completely. When we get married, we intertwine our lives with another person and promise to spend the rest of our lives with them through both good and bad times.

Marriage practically determines how fulfilling or difficult our lives are going to be. A little help from our parents can help us get married to the right person, for the right reasons and have a merry and satisfying marriage.

Here’s some advice that a father gave to his son about marriage:

1. There are plenty of women who will appreciate and enjoy the gifts that you buy for them. But not all of them will care to find out how much money you spent on them and how much you saved for yourself. Marry the woman who not only appreciates presents but also cares about your savings, your hard earned money.

2. If a woman is with you because of your wealth and riches, don’t get married to her. Marry a woman who ready to struggle with you, who is ready to share your problems.

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3. Love alone is not a reason good enough to get married. Marriage is an extremely close and intricate bond. Though necessary, love is not sufficient for a successful marriage. Understanding, compatibility, trust, respect, commitment, support are some of the other attributes necessary for a long and happy marriage.

4. When you are having problems with your wife, always remember to never yell, never abuse, neither physically nor emotionally. Your problems will get solved but her heart can get scarred forever.

5. If your woman has stood by you and supported you to pursue your interests, you should return the favour by doing the same. Encourage her to pursue her passion and extend her as much support as she needs.

6. Always give more priority to being a husband than being a father. Your children will grow up and move on with their individual pursuits but, your wife is always going to be there with you.

7. Before complaining about having a nagging wife, think, do you fulfill your share of household responsibilities? She wouldn’t have to nag you if you did all that you were supposed to by yourself.

8. A time can come in your life when you might feel that your wife is no longer the woman you got married to. At that moment, contemplate, have you also changed, is there something that you have stopped doing for her.

9. Don’t squander your riches on your children, who never knew how hard you worked to achieve that. Spend it on the woman who endured all hardships of your struggles with you, your wife.

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10. Always remember, you should never compare your wife to other women. She is putting up with something(you) that the other women aren’t. And if you still choose to compare her with other women make sure you are no less than perfect

11. If you ever wonder how good a husband and a father you have been in your life, don’t look at the money and wealth you have made for them. Look at their smiles and look at the twinkle in their eyes.

12. Be it your children or your wife, praise them in public but criticize only in private. You wouldn’t like them pointing out your shortcomings in front of your friends and acquaintances, will you?

13. The best gift you could ever gift to your children is to love their mother. Loving parents raise wonderful children.

14. If you want your children to take care of you when you grow old, then take care of your own parents. Your children are going to follow your example.


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