Why Southern Nigerians Should Not Ignore UN Agency Warning on Impending Terrorists’ Attacks

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Trucks carrying almajiris intercepted on way to Akwa Ibom
Trucks carrying almajiris intercepted on way to Akwa Ibom
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Security situation in Nigeria has deteriorated enormously to the degree that every reasonable person living or having relatives still residing in the country should be gripped with terrible fear.

In spite of the gruesome menace and terror unleashed daily on Nigerians in the North-East by Islamic extremists called Boko Haram, other parts of the country have also been victims of terrors that were brandished from the shadow.

There have been sporadic terroristic massacre of innocent citizens, destruction of livestocks, farm produce and properties in other parts of the country, mostly the Middle-belt, South-west, South-south and South-eastern Nigeria by suspected “Fulani herdsmen” or more-so terrorists in disguise.

“Fulani herdsmen,” as victims and witnesses usually call them, have really unleashed untold terror and destruction to vulnerable, armless and unsuspecting communities in different parts of the Southern Nigeria.

Other parts of the North were not absolutely shielded from the terror spree as there have been scores of attacks on some communities as well that left hundreds of lives wasted, some survived but maimed, properties destroyed and buildings torched to nothing.

In addition to the above security threats, we have to also look at the “Jungle justice” that have become the norms in the society of Nigerians especially in Southern part of the country. Nigerian citizens, for some reasons we wouldn’t review here, have lost trust in the law enforcement and justice system in the country.

The Nigerian police vis a vis the justice system have not garnered enough reputation and transparency for average Nigerian to believe that they would get justice when their toes or rights have been trampled upon. Hence, they have self-launched an alternative justice system known as “Jungle justice.”

With “Jungle justice” average Nigerian becomes assured that those that supposedly offended him or her receive an instant commensurate punishment for their offences without further delay. But more often than non, the punishment from “Jungle justice” can be aggravated, outrageous and sometimes lethal. People have been killed for committing petty crimes like stealing mobile phones.

There was an incident somewhere in Lagos state, South-west Nigeria where a man was burnt to death for allegedly snatching a hand bag from a lady. The man was accosted and apprehended by passers-by as he was bidding to flee. Without confirmation, “Jungle justice” was meted out on him. He lost his life to petty crime that should have taken him to jail for some months.

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Worst still, all the prevalent security threats mentioned above did not wield enough reason for one to be phobic, until the recent occurrences in some parts of the country.

Interception of trucks carrying people that were packed in the garb of animals, but in hidden manner, moving them from some Northern states to states in the Southern Nigeria have become the order of the day lately.

People disguised as “Almajiris” would be loaded in trucks in their hundreds from the North and headed to any where in the South as their final destinations.

It is worthy of note that while some of these trucks were intercepted, there would have been many that passed through without detection. This means that these disguised “Almajiris” would have been deployed in many unknown destinations somewhere in the Southern Nigeria. It also connotes that states in the Southern Nigerian have been infested with what I might choose to call “unknown soldiers” hidden in unknown places for only-God-knows reasons.

Questions in the mind of every rational and thoughtful person should be: “Why the sudden secretive influx of the so called Almajiris to the Southern Nigeria?”

“What is actually suddenly chasing them away in thousands from their original states of abode?”

“What is the hidden purpose of flooding the Southern Nigeria with these people in a manner of trojan horses?”

“Is there an impending danger that the South does not know about while the Northers are well in the know of it?”

“Is invasive attack looming, the type that some parts of Yoruba land experienced century ago, or is it just politically motivated invasion?”

“Who and who are behind this invasion and what are the possible benefits”

It is quite obvious and crystal clear that there is a hidden agenda conspired in the North and awaiting timed execution, but the major concern is the fear of the unknown.

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The Southern Nigerians should ask questions and demand for equitable corresponding answers.

A stitch in time saves nine.

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Trucks carrying almajiris intercepted on way to Akwa Ibom
Trucks carrying almajiris intercepted on way to Akwa Ibom

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Almajiris transported from Minna
Almajiris transported from Minna

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UN Agency Alerts Nigerians on Impending Terrorists’ Attacks – Published by THISDAY

The United Nations Department for Safety and Security (UNDSS) has alerted Nigeria on the looming complex and coordinated attacks on the nation’s critical infrastructure, calling for urgent review and implementation of anti-terrorism measures.

According to the UNDSS Nigeria, information received indicated an increased likelihood of terrorist activity, including the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and complex attacks against critical national infrastructure and High-Value Targets (HVTs) in Nigeria.

However, President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to deploy available resources to combat security challenges causing sorrows and trauma to Nigerians.

The UN agency, in its latest Security Threat Information (STI) and Advisory report on Nigeria said based on the information at its disposal, Boko Haram was likely planning to exploit the momentum of the host government’s strain due to COVID-19 spread to conduct a series of coordinated simultaneous attacks and so weaken the government’s efforts, to disturb and distract military activities in the North-east and to gain greater local and regional attention and acceptance.

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THISDAY thursday obtained a copy of the report released on Wednesday by the Chief Security Adviser (CSA) and DSS Representative to Nigeria, Mr. Robert Marinovic.

The report said: “It is assessed that we are at the beginning of the security crisis characterised by a wide spectrum of interconnected crisis (civil unrests, crime and the increasing threat of terrorism), that were fuming for quite some time and now released by COVID-19 impact on the government and population.

“In this context, the critical infrastructure are considered any of economic or security entities and their premises (petrol industry installations, banks, governmental facilities, shopping malls, hotels, etc), at any location in the country, especially state capitals, including Lagos and Abuja.

“Though the UN in Nigeria is not the primary target for the terrorist activity, it is assessed that the UN can be impacted as collaterally (while visiting governmental installations, banks, shopping malls, e.t.c.), but also as the target of opportunity, if seen to be less protected (‘soft target’).”

The UNDSS added that it had already assessed the likelihood of such terrorist activity and included it in all respective areas of UN Security Management Systems’ (UNSMS) Security Risk Management (SRMs) in Nigeria, stressing that therefore, the strict implementation of and compliance with standing security measures are of paramount importance.

However, the UNDSS recommended among others that Nigeria should ensure that all SRM measures, especially those against terrorism threats, are urgently reviewed and fully implemented.

It directed its Security Focal Points (SFPs) to alert security guards and host government security in and around UN compounds, on the above-described threat so to be vigilant against possible hostile surveillance (that usually precedes terrorist attack).

It said UN personnel should patronise only neighborhood markets and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), rather than big shopping malls or banks, to avoid unnecessary risk.

It also advised that emergency phone numbers (emergency contact card distributed by UNDSS SWA) should be kept handy at all times; while respective Security Operations Centres (SOC) should be informed of all suspicious movements/observations.

It also urged SFPs to circulate and disseminate the message to their respective personnel.

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