BUSTED:Viral video of a tree that grew through a car overnight is not black magic but Arts installation by french artist

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Art installation- A tree grew through a car overnight
Art installation- A tree grew through a car overnight
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In a spectacle that has confounded viewers, a video has been shared widely on social media which shows a tree that has supposedly grown through a car overnight.

According to the above post, the video is from France, a tree supposedly grew through the vehicle overnight with the trunk piercing the roof of the car. The video is 1:45 minutes long, and shows passersby staring in amazement. The video has also gone viral with text which reads, “Is it the tree piercing the car or the car piercing the tree?”

The video has also been uploaded on YouTube with the claim that it is from Nantes, France.


9News Nigeria viral news fact-check found this anomaly is indeed from France, but it is a work of art. With the use of relevant keywords, 9News Nigeria found a news report by a French website Ouest France, titled, ‘Nantes. With his tree in the middle of a car, Royal de Luxe is a sensation in Bellevue’ (translated from French). According to the report of November 19, 2019, it is the handiwork of the Royal de Luxe, a local theatre group known to install logic-defying street art. The installation has been placed on the outskirts of the city of Nantes in Western France.

Art installation- A tree grew through a car overnight
Art installation- A tree grew through a car overnight

Report on the news by Quest France (Orginally in French but translated by 9News Nigeria reporter)

Nantes. With his tree in the middle of a car, Royal de Luxe is a sensation in Bellevue

The inhabitants of the district had the funny surprise to discover a vehicle pierced by a tree, Monday, November 18, place Mendès-France, between Nantes and Saint-Herblain. A new coup d’éclat that marks the return of the Royal de Luxe theater company in Bellevue. But since then, the work has been burned on the night of Wednesday, November 20th.

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We knew the cupping cars. These vehicles that stay too long in a parking space … But in the family of automobiles that take root, it breaks all records. First, because this Renault Scénic white, discovered this Monday morning place Mendès-France, between Nantes and Saint-Herblain, seems to have rooted in the proper sense. In the cabin, a trunk passes through the driver’s seat and perforates the roof. As if the tree had grown in the night, crossing the sheet from side to side.


Divine intervention or black magic

Around, many passersby find it hard to believe their eyes. Many are lying on the ground, to check that the tree is actually planted. But then ? “How they did,” wonders a young woman, phone in hand to immortalize the incongruity. At his side, many of them have their idea: “They had to cut it and put it back in place,” says a first. “Then holding it with an iron bar,” complements his neighbor. Saying it is good, but iron is better … Another leans, him for a boost from the Most High. “It’s a divine intervention,” he says without laughing.

On the edges of the square, some keep their distance with this unexpected effervescence. In the middle of the esplanade, the tramways carry their stream of passengers, many of whom mark a stop around the vehicle. We cross, we laugh and we motto this strange appearance. “It’s magic,” smiles Jeremy, who has come closer to better understand. But no question of witchcraft so far. He enthuses: “These are magicians these artists. “ He nosed Royal coup de Luxe.

Poetry and rodeo

For several months, the troupe of street theater Nantes is regularly invited in the neighborhood, to support a project of urban transformation . In small touches, she distills her imagination and triggers the smiles of passers-by. At first there was that twisted street lamp , and then that red car , parked upright on a wall. We had then discovered Monsieur Burgundy , camping on a facade.

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Incredulous, many look under the body of the vehicle, to check that the tree is well planted in the ground. Checks done, it is. | FRANCK DUBRAY / OUEST FRANCE

It is also he who sent a letter to the schoolchildren of the neighborhood, this Monday morning (to listen below). In this missive, he speaks of a certain Granny Rodeo, who “tidies cars a little anywhere.” This inhabitant of the top floor of a large tower would have used to plant “a seed on the sidewalk before parking them and the next day a tree pushed through”.

A corner of the mystery is raised. Now remains to discover this granny who, it seems, loves to shop at the market on Tuesdays and Fridays. Surrounded by her faithful Lilliputians, she should make an appearance, “riding on a scooter gallop” in a reinvented version of the rodeo. Royal de Luxe cultivates poetry in Bellevue, in addition to growing trees in cars. But this Wednesday, November 20, residents of the neighborhood had a very bad surprise: the car pierced with a tree was the target of a fire .

The same was posted by Royal de Luxe on its official Facebook page on November 18.

In another instance, the local street theatre company had installed a giant fork piercing through the roof and windshield of a car.

Art installation- Fork pushed through a tree
Art installation- Fork pushed through a tree

It may thus be noted that the video showing a tree growing through a car is a work of street art, installed in Nantes, France.

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