Lagos PDP PCC Chairman Dismisses Scam Messages, Warns Peter Obi’s Fake Rice Video

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Chairman of Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Engr. Adedeji Doherty has dismissed various scam messages circulating on social media to the effect that the party’s presidential candidate, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, is sharing non-existing largesse with the public.

Engr. Doherty, in a statement e-signed on his behalf by Mr. Muka Popoola, the head of DD Media Team on Wednesday, charged the Lagos electorate to be wary of any scam messages asking them to subscribe for non-existent largesse from either the PDP or its presidential candidate, Alhaji Abubakar, saying it is part of the usual fraudulent antics of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to mislead the unsuspecting members of the public who have massively decided to reject their party ( APC) and its candidates at the forthcoming polls.

The immediate past State Chairman of the Lagos PDP stated that the APC was employing all kinds of underhand tactics to confuse the electorate against the very obviously failed APC/Buhari administration, the divisionist concept of their same faith presidential ticket, and the many unanswered questions about the health, national wealth management, morality or the controversial educational history of their presidential candidate.

Doherty said the media space had recently been awash with deliberate misleading propaganda traceable to the ill-focussed Ruling Party’s spin doctors whose only mission is to taint the PDP campaigns and the party’s presidential candidate who is headed for victory in the February 25 and the March 11 general elections.

He called the attention of the public to the particular message asking unsuspecting members of the public to subscribe for money purportedly being given to people at the rate of seventy-five thousand nairas (N75, 000) per person by Alhaji Atiku by just placing a call to a certain telephone number.

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One such scam message reads (sic) PEOPLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP)!!! SEND ACCOUNT (FCMB, UNION, KEYSTONE) TO RECEIVE #75,000 FROM ATIKU ABUBAKAR EMPOWERMENT CALL 09166139530 TO RECEIVE, but Doherty tells the public not to be deceived by the mischief of the scammers in the political space.

Doherty said strange things were being done against the PDP campaign nationally, whereby the ruling party is noticed to be juxtaposing the image of candidates of other parties with that of the PDP.

He gave the example of a phony campaign souvenir in Bauchi state where the photograph of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi is put on bags of rice with the PDP logo.

Doherty said no amount of mischief and manipulation will save the APC from defeat in the coming elections, as the current pains of the party’s misgovernance of the country will haunt all its candidates during the polls.

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