Oyigbo SDP Campaign Organization Mocks Rivers PDP Chairman, Desmond Akawor

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Oyigbo SDP Campaign Organization, Disagree with Amb. Desmond Akawor the PDP Chairman in Rivers State on his statement that SIM Fubara is from Oyigbo.

The Attention of the Social Democratic party SDP in Oyigbo LGA has been drawn to some statements made by the State party chairman of PDP in Rivers State during a one-day stakeholders meeting held at the council headquarters, days after the Governorship Candidate of SDP in Rivers State Senator Magnus Abe visited Oyigbo for a Stakeholders meeting.
We want to categorically state that:

  1. It is Politics taken too far, for someone to tell Oyigbo people who to vote, for and tag anybody who will vote for SDP as a witch, this is the height of it, coming from a man we respect so much.
  2. Every Oyigbo man should be allowed to support any political party as we all must not be in PDP.
  3. Castigating an Ogoni man, forgetting that since 1999, an Ogoni people have been representing Oyigbo in the Senate and House of Representatives, outside Adam Mark Pepple, the rest are all Ogonis, they’ve never submerged us. Why this kind of Ethnic Politics?
  4. We have three (3) clans that makeup Oyigbo LGA, Umuokobo, Umuihueze, and Asa. These three clans have represented Oyigbo in the Rivers State House of Assembly for 8years of Tenure each. So there’s no time Oyigbo people sat down to write an Agreement, that it will be zoned or not, who it should be or not, if not how can the father of the PDP Assembly Candidate be an Assembly member who represented Oyigbo for 8years in the state house of Assembly, and Chairman of Oyigbo LGA for 3 years, then the Son has been Chairman of Oyigbo for 3 years and still wants to be Assembly member. where is the Equity they are talking about? why didn’t they pick a candidate from another part of the Asa clan?
  5. The serving Chairman succeeded his Uncle as an Assembly member. if they are talking about zoning, Late Hon Nnamdi Chute after his first tenure as Assembly Member would have been zoned to any part of umuokobo. there’s no written agreement about Zoning in Oyigbo LGA, so anybody talking about it now is just playing to the gallery, every political party has the Democratic right to select its candidate.
  6. It Amuse us leaders of this caliber will tell Oyigbo people that SIM Fubara is from Oyigbo just because of Politics. Similar Fubara has been an accountant General of the state, what has he done or what did he do for Oyigbo man or Ndoki man, but he has been empowering Opobo people, is it because of Politics they have suddenly realized that SIM is from Oyigbo? Dakuku Adol perterside was Commissioner for Works and DG NIMASA, as an Opobo man, what did he do for Oyigbo and Ndoki people? So telling us that Opobo man is from Oyigbo is cheap Political propaganda, if we want to tress our origin as Ndoki people, then it should be tressed to Bonny kingdom. anybody telling us that SIM is an Oyigbo/Ndoki man should take a good look at the origin of the Nokia. PDP should be able to tell Oyigbo people what SIM has done for us, as we the SDP have rolled out several projects in oyigbo executed by Senator Magnus Abe and not trying to force Oyigbo people to the same part that has kept us economically stagnate.
  7. Oyigbo since 2015, has never been a stronghold of the PDP because PDP has never won an Election in Oyigbo since 2015 and in 2023 they will not still win an Election in Oyigbo.
  8. No blood of Oyigbo man will be split because of SIM FUBAR AS Ambition as stated by Amb Desmond Akawor that Anybody who said SIM will not win in Oyigbo, that someone will die.
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Conclusively, the SDP in Oyigbo LGA is determined in securing votes for all Candidates and will ensure they all emerge winners in next year’s Election. We are not and will not be afraid of any person or group of people no matter how highly placed, Oyigbo is for all of us, and no one man can direct us on what to do.

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